Gina & Luca Ball Room Dancing

Dance The Night Away

The 7th annual Dance the Night Away was a huge success with many people hailing it as the best show ever. We truly feel that all shows were great from the first to the last because the dancers all so sincerely give their best each year and do amazingly well. But we feel each year that we must kick it up a notch or two to please the return audience members so this year’s we added these unique features The Esposito Dance Troupe- a formation dance team that performed a Waltz and a Samba. The waltz was danced to Lovers Waltz by Molly Mason and Jay Unger, a married couple who co-wrote the song. We use the song often throughout the years, having seen these two perform in person and the song is perfect for weddings and Valentines Day and just romance in general. A unique feature this year was the introduction a violin soloist named Tina Oyer Ponce who accompanied us in a masterful fashion and enhanced the show with a uniqueness appreciated by dancers and audience alike. She also join us in the last number of the show where we invited everyone to the floor to join us for another beautiful love song by Dolly Parton “To the Stars and the Moon and Back”.

The shows cast of dancers were so enthusiastic and such a pleasure to work with and all did more than their share of helping the whole show to be high level and exciting. A special thanks to Sean Morelle the DJ for Kiss radio and the Lava at Turning Stone for helping us with the music. We had Mark Montgomery and old friend as master of ceremonies and he did a great job as did the three judges Carla till Reverend Bill Dodge and Dave Zumpano –the three were well-spoken witty and downright eloquent and spot- on in their remarks.

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